Past Projects

Nocturne (an incomplete and inaccurate account of the love affair between George Sand & Frederic Chopin)

written by Tanya Marquardt
directed by Mallory Cattlet
performed by Jessica Jelliffe and Peter Blomquist, musical assistance by Rick Burkhardt, piano accompaniment by Alex Horwitz, dramaturgy by DD Kugler & Heidi Taylor

A contemporary retelling of a classic romance, Nocturne (the incomplete and inaccurate account of the love affair between George Sand & Frederic Chopin) is the love story between Fred, an ailing musician and George, a genderfluid writer. Neighbors in a New York apartment, George steals into Fred’s window one night to hear his music, and leaves with his heart. Later, when Fred is unable to satisfy George’s sexual needs, she creates a role-playing game in the hopes of seducing him, a servant that Fred is in charge of every night. But when the game starts turning sour, both Fred and George must risk seeing one another for who they really are, even if it has deadly consequences. 


March 2011, Dixon Place, Manhattan, NY
May 2003, Walking Fish Festival, Vancouver, BC
August 2003, VIVO Media Arts, Vancouver, BC, Canada
September 2003, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
May 2001, NeXtFeSt, Edmonton, Alberta (Premiere)


Written and conceived by Tanya Marquardt, co-created with David Bloom, Ilena Lee Cramer, Emma Hendrix, Ahmed Khalil, Heather Lindsay, Deanna Peters, Heidi Taylor, Andrew Templeton and Jeremy Waller.

Transmission is the story of a late night talk radio host and his missing sister. Part live performance, part radio broadcast, the work incorporates text, movement and a live soundscape. From the dynamic of an intimate sibling relationship that is forever ruptured, the piece spirals out into the broader world, broader conflicts and broader loss. Transmission is about the wars that are fought within ourselves and far away. Unforgettable and haunting, it is a distilled family epic that powerfully demonstrates how we must live with the choices we make.

Presented February 13th – 28th, 2009 at Box Studios, Vancouver

Co-presented by Chrysalis Theatre & Proximity Arts, with the generous support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The British Columbia Arts Council, Radix Theatre, Playwrights Theatre Centre, and Box Studios.

Mal de Mer

co-choreographed by Tanya Marquardt and Susan Elliot

Intimate and expansive, Mal de mer is a lexicon of dance made up of sea songs, scottish jigs and explosive gestures. This wryly-constructed dance piece dives into the physicality of being unsteady, off balance and slightly askew, revealing the depths of our stormy relationship to the sea, even if sometimes, it just makes us sick to our stomachs.

An outdoor work, Mal de mer took place in Crab Park, July 9th–11th, 2010 as part of Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge festival. Created by Susan Elliott and Tanya Marquardt, two nationally and internationally recognized dance and theatre artists, Mal de mer includes set design and sailcloth installation by Jesse Garlick and Barnaby Killam, sound design performed live by Emma Hendrix, costume design by Nita Bowerman and dramaturgy by Heidi Taylor.

Co-presented with Anatomica. Development and production made possible through the generous support of BC Arts Council, The Dance Centre, The Caravan Farm Theatre, The City of Vancouver, and the Firehall Arts Centre.

Crappy Gifts for Complete Strangers

Conceived and Created by Emma Hendrix and Tanya Marquardt as part of a VIVO Media Arts Residency

Emma Hendix and Tanya Marquardt have been friends for over ten years, and created Crappy Gifts for Complete Strangers as a way of reflecting on the nature of their friendship, and to play a prank on all the lovers in Vancouver.

In the early hours of morning, between February 1-14, 2009 the duo left a large plastic heart-shaped box underneath a heart shaped umbrella on an old bench on Main and 17th. On it, a sign in red ink “This is a gift for you.” A random stranger picked it up and took it home to find a crappy gift inside, along with a DVD of Tanya making the crappy gift, and underscored with original sound by Emma. In this way Emma and Tanya revel in their shared distain for Valentine’s, and the odd Western practice of enforcing a day where you give someone a gift just because they sleep with you. 


Secret Installation Feb 1-14 2009, VIVO Artists Residency


2008-09-12 18.31.50

Written by Tanya Marquardt in collaboration with various Whitehorse residents   Commissioned by Nakai Theatre for the 2011 Pivot Festival, Whitehorse, Yukon        

Directed by Craig Hall                                                                                                                   Performed by David Bloom, Tanya Marquardt and Celia McBride                                              

Originating from interviews with various Whitehorse citizens, Fragments recounts the experiences of northern living and the universal meanings of home as told through the real-life stories of Yukoners. An examination of place, the play delves into the broader perspectives of what home means to all of us, how it shapes our lives, and our feeling of belonging or not belonging within our prospective communities. 


January 2011, Pivot Theatre Festival, Whitehorse, Yukon


2008-01-17 15.18.04

Jessie nominated for Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition
Sydney Risk Prize for Outstanding Original Script by an Emerging Playwright

Written and performed by Tanya Marquardt
Directed by Ilena Lee Cramer
Music and arrangement by Joel Stephano, Stage production by Jason Leane, Dramaturgy by Kris Nelson

Lounge follows a lonely lesbian lounge singer’s search for home and true love on her last Canadian tour. Interweaving story and song, she takes her audience from a childhood in small town Canada to singing lounge in Las Vegas and a love affair with a showgirl.

2006, Mynt Restaurant & Lounge, 555 Davie Street, Vancouver
2007, Rime, 1130 Commerical Drive, Vancouver
2009, Pivot Festival, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada       

produced with chrysalis theatre

quietly vunerable….it’s hypnotizing. Marquardt presents the chanteuse with a combination of pain and girlish cover-up” – Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

Tanya Marquardt. Remember that name. She’s going to be a star.” – Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

This play will seduce you…” – Rob Salerno, Xtra West

Tanya Marquardt’s one woman show about an unnamed singer just stopping in town for a gig has all the hallmarks of a gin-soaked, down-and-out lounge act…” – Michael Harris, The Globe and Mail



A chrysalis theatre / VIVO Media Arts co-production

Created by performer Tanya Marquardt and sound artist Emma Hendrix, Genie is sourced in the true-life story of a feral child who was discovered after being locked in solitary confinement for over 10 years. Case studies and research of feral children were used as a starting point to examining human isolation – and specifically the feeling of being confined in urban daily life. As we walk from our apartments to our offices, down concrete sidewalks and timed cross walks, can we find space, freedom and human intimacy within the urban sprawl? Genie fuses performance, installation and experimental audio in the hopes of creating a wake up call for our audience.


2008, Vancouver International Dance Festival



Written and Directed by Tanya Marquardt with Barbara Bourget                                 Performed by Stephanie Hayes and Miranda Huba                                                               Lighting Design by John Popkin                                                                                                     Sound Design by Emma Hendrix and Coingutter

A melding of installation, performance and live electro-acoustic music, Liminal is the story of a young girl’s journey towards death and a white satin evening gown laced with embalming fluid. In order to live, a young girl must face her fear of the unknown, embracing her confusion in the way we embrace our lovers, strongly and without flinching.

A co-presentation between VIVO and Chrysalis Theatre


VIVO, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2004.



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