Produced with Theatre Conspiracy

Stray is a meta-memoir based on creator Tanya Marquardt’s experience as a sixteen-year-old runaway and S&M model, and as a thirty-five-year-old New York transplant writing about this earlier stage of her life.

Incorporating personal narrative, punk music, and opera, the play references the work of Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe and David Wojnarowitz, whose art Marquardt was introduced to as a homeless teen and later inspired her move from Canada to Brooklyn in 2012. Ultimately, Stray explores what it means to run from trauma – the ways abandonment leads to making a chosen family and history, how loneliness leads to self-discovery, and the power of story to nourish the potential for new life.

Stray is directed by Mallory Catlett, with dramaturgy by Brian Rogers, lyrics, music and performance by Tim Carlson, Jon Wood, and Ed Goodine, and written and performed by Tanya Marquardt.


November 2014, BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange) as part of a curated evening of performances by Canadian ex-pats.

February 2014, PuSh Performing Arts Festival as part of Club PuSh, at Performance Works on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.



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